Monday, August 29, 2011

Allison Hewitt Is Trapped: A Zombie Novel by Madeleine Roux

Introduction: I remember someone said, "a movie about zombies can never fail". I agree with him anyway :p I used to love watching zombie apocalypse happen xD Its always funny... no matter how scary they make it look like :p And I guess there is always something romantic in falling in love with someone while the rest of the world become cannibals. Lol.

So... then I wonder (when I saw this book), will a book about zombie wins my heart as well? But guess what, I loved it so much I stayed up late for couple of days simply because I cannot put it down:

Overview: When the Zombie outbreaks hit, Allison Hewitt, together with 5 other people were trapped in a bookstore. With no way out, she found blogging as her only way to contact the outside world. Allison's blog becomes other people inspiration, just as it is her only way to narrate all the zombie-killing adventures he finds herself into. Although she learned the hard way that in desperate times like this, it is mostly the alive that she has to be more careful of.  Allison accounts how she found friends in the most unlikely of times, and how she found love - which will she be able to keep anyway? There's a search for her mother as well.

My opinion: Although there are some loop holes I can find, like the squirrel attack (why is it that there are no other animals who got infected?), but over all, I like this book. I like how its made to look like a blog - I like Allison character of being scared to death thinking of how to survive but brave and smart when she's faced with the real struggle.

If really the world faces zombie apocalypse, I wish I can have the same confidence and bad-ass attitude as Allison has in this book. I dont like her choice of weapon though, I prefer something that will kill them without me having to be so close :p But geez, no decent toilet and no shower for days? Nvm then... kill me the first day! :p

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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Seven Secrets to Happiness by Sharon Owens

Introduction: When I saw this book, I ignored it the first time because I thought its one of those chick flick novels where I can practically predict what will happen in every page. But finding nothing more interesting, I came back for it and decided to humor myself. Ending up, I have never loved a book this way so far. Truly worth my time:

Overview: Ruby O’Neill is living a fairy-tale life, married to the love of her life, Jonathan who adores her just as much.  It is a snowy Christmas Eve and Ruby blissfully decorates their Christmas tree, excited about giving Jonathan her present. Then a telephone call shatters her fairytale life forever. In the New Year Ruby picks herself up with the help of her best friend Jasmine, buying a shop  in which she spends busying her self with sewing seven lovely little velvet bags. Through them her life is touched by the lives of others and she learns six secrets which begin to mend her wounded heart. And little does she know that a man, Tom Lavery, though wounded himself, holds not only the seventh secret but also Ruby’s chance of having love blossom again in her life.

My opinion: This book is so lovely I read it twice :) This is a story about losing a love, and finding a new one despite the fact that you will never forget the past. Who says you have to forget to be happy again anyway? ;) I love how the seven secrets of happiness is portrayed by people and circumstances surrounding Ruby’s life. I also love the presence of Jasmine, that although her character is a big difference from Ruby’s (Jasmine being outgoing and so into casual dating), you can see a very honest friendship being shared by these two remarkable women.

This book deals with love and loss and the ways in which we have to move forward and look to the future.
I would really love to share with you those seven secrets to happiness, but I think reading it and being able to relate to the story is the only way for you to appreciate what they are really all about. :)

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Will You Be There? by Guillaume Musso

Introduction: I was going through a number of books at the library when this tiny treasure caught my eyes. Well, the title and the subtitle fairly intrigued me (since I always loved these kinds of stories anyway), but I guess this is a story that will always make me wonder what the ending would be. Anyway, I’m sure most of us must have asked ourselves this question atleast once in our lifetime: if you could go back in time, what would you change?
Overview: Elliott Cooper is a sixty-year-old famous sur­geon whose life revolves around his twenty-year-old daughter, Angie. He would have been per­fectly happy if Ilena, the woman he was pas­sion­ately in love with, hadn’t died thirty years ago.
One day, he was given a chance to go back to his own past and meets the young man he had been thirty years ear­lier. In that time, where the Seventies were going full swing, the young Elliott was a pas­sionate, enthu­si­astic and ambi­tious young doctor who had no idea of the tragedy that he will cause the woman he loves.

Since then, the two Elliotts weirdly face each other, in a series of intense circumstances, debating and coming up with an agreement of saving Ilena. But saving Ilena raises complications involving his daughter, Angie and his lifelong friendship with his best friend, Matt. Not to mention the toll its adding to his fight for his own life – where he is suffering from lung cancer and with only few months to live.

My opinion: This book will make us believe in second chances, but will also raise a question – will you really dare to change something in your past? I think this book will appeal to those who have loved and lost, and wished for a chance to do things differently. Its an intriguing story about love, friendship, hope and destiny. Love – that transcends death, and the sacrifices we are willing to make, even the hardest one which is letting go. Friendship – that most of us are blessed with to have someone we can trust with our lives. Hope – that we will be able to change things for the better. And if not, that everything happens for a reason. And Destiny -  that we do make our own destiny. But to change it after its done? I guess this book will give us that chance to go through it and later ask ourselves, what are you willing to give up to change fate? 

Although I hate to say that the conversation seems flat at times, but I still applaud how the time differences of being in the past and in the future were established strongly. And the best thing that I love in this book… are the quotes at the start of each chapter.

My favorite quote so far:
“We go through the present blindfolded… Only later, when the blindfold is removed and we examine the past, do we realize what we’ve been through and understand what it means” – Milan Kundera

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