Monday, October 10, 2011

The Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson

Introduction: What made me pick up this book? I adore the cover... its gorgeous! Well, I am never really a fan of tattoos. But after reading this book, I can say I'm pretty much fascinated by this art... that I'm actually already thinking what kind of tattoo will be my very first one (probably the last too since I'm afraid of needles :p).

Overview: Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist and owner of an elite tattoo parlor in Las Vegas. When a girl makes an appointment for a tattoo of the name of her fiancé embedded in a heart, Brett takes the job but the girl never shows. The next thing Brett knows, the police are looking for her client, and the name she wanted on the tattoo isn't her fiancé's...

My Opinion: I like this book in general and Brett too for being such a kick-ass heroine. Its an easy read despite the mystery details thrown in. It has had me kept guessing who the murderer is... and although the ending seemed to be a bit overflow of information, it did made sense.  I love the characters simply because they stand out from each other... taking Joel for example. His life seemed to be so colorful... I would love to find out more about him in the next books. Although at some point I was a bit non-sympathetic towards Brett's daring (or stupid) ways... like hiding too much vital information from her brother and then taking matters to her own hands which doesn't always end up good for her anyway. Also, I just didn't feel the chemistry between Simon and Brett... its like for most part... what they feel for each other isnt real. I am hoping for a better love interest for her in the upcoming series. But anyway, there is so much to love about this book... the characters are very likable, the Vegas setting is fab, and the story is anything but boring. In fact, each chapter felt like uncovering a piece of a puzzle. 

Anyway, did I already say I'm getting a tattoo? ;)

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  1. Seems nice. I'll try to grab this for a weekend read.