Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sentimental Traitor by Michael Dobbs

Introduction: I had always been drawn to stories that not only depicts real life situations, but also something that is about crime-solving and deceit and characters outsmarting each other. I think this book didn't fail to give a very mind-blowing opening and each turn of events just kept getting interesting.

A missile tears a passenger plane from the skies over London. Everyone on board is killed, including thirty-seven exceptional children. As terror turns to international chaos, can the government survive?
Who would have killed them? And why? 

When Harry Jones starts searching for answers, he stumbles into the middle of a plot that stretches from Russia to the Islamic revolution in Egypt, from the shores of the Caspian Sea to an ancient church in rural Wiltshire.

Yet every lead he pursues finds its way back to the secret corners of Brussels and a British woman named Patricia Vaine.

She and Harry are doomed to fight their battle to the death. Their own lives, and the future of an entire continent, are at stake in what develops into the greatest political power game since the end of the Second World War.

For this is a plot not just to take over one country but the whole of Europe.
And in this deadly game, the victors will claim total victory – unless Harry Jones can stop them…
My Opinion: Once I started reading this book I just cannot put it down. I want to know what will happen next and it has kept me wanting to keep turning the page so I can find out how it will end. This book has given me a good ride with its element of suspense and shocking turn of event.
The characters are very alive, with their own set of strengths and flaws. They represent real life people - people who are after power; people who wants to manipulate situations or other people.

The story is very nicely told in each page. Although to be honest, I find the ending a bit unappealing. But maybe its just me. 

My Rating: