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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Perfect People by Peter James

Introduction: This was originally picked up by my hubby in a public library. I was by then looking for inspirational books as I miss reading such topics. At first I didn't give this book a second look (because my dear husband have a habit of picking up a book and end up not reading it anyway. But really, he tries - at least for the first 10 pages (or less). Lol. But one day, I was intrigued to read the summary, and so from then on, I held on to the book like I was glued to it or something.

John and Naomi are grieving the death of their four-year-old son from a rare genetic disorder. They desperately want another child, but they realize the odds of their next child contracting the same disease are high.

Then they hear about geneticist Dr Leo Dettore. He has methods that can spare them the heartache of ever losing another child to any disease.

At his clinic is where their nightmare begins.

They should have realized something was wrong when they saw the list. Choices of eye colour, hair, sporting abilities. They can literally design their child. Now it's too late to turn back. Naomi is pregnant and already something is badly wrong . .

My Opinion: I like the concept of this story, to me its very ambitious and futuristic. The story is very intriguing, and I guess that is what kept me from simply giving up during the times when I just cannot grasp the characters anymore. I don't get how a scientist can actually get drunk and reveal a secret that they have spent so much money upon. I don't get how as a mother who knew from the start that your kids will be special - find it hard to accept this fact. And I still find it so overwhelming to believe that 3 year olds can be so bloody independent, not to mention creepy. 
But overall, this book gives me something more - am emotional ride towards the end, not to mention a totally unexpected ending. I honestly didn't expect the conclusion of this novel. And that's a really good thing. 
I recommend this book to those who love reading about science-based fiction, specifically altering genetics. I could say, it'll take patience to get through this book - but somehow its worth a read.

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