Monday, August 22, 2011

The Seven Secrets to Happiness by Sharon Owens

Introduction: When I saw this book, I ignored it the first time because I thought its one of those chick flick novels where I can practically predict what will happen in every page. But finding nothing more interesting, I came back for it and decided to humor myself. Ending up, I have never loved a book this way so far. Truly worth my time:

Overview: Ruby O’Neill is living a fairy-tale life, married to the love of her life, Jonathan who adores her just as much.  It is a snowy Christmas Eve and Ruby blissfully decorates their Christmas tree, excited about giving Jonathan her present. Then a telephone call shatters her fairytale life forever. In the New Year Ruby picks herself up with the help of her best friend Jasmine, buying a shop  in which she spends busying her self with sewing seven lovely little velvet bags. Through them her life is touched by the lives of others and she learns six secrets which begin to mend her wounded heart. And little does she know that a man, Tom Lavery, though wounded himself, holds not only the seventh secret but also Ruby’s chance of having love blossom again in her life.

My opinion: This book is so lovely I read it twice :) This is a story about losing a love, and finding a new one despite the fact that you will never forget the past. Who says you have to forget to be happy again anyway? ;) I love how the seven secrets of happiness is portrayed by people and circumstances surrounding Ruby’s life. I also love the presence of Jasmine, that although her character is a big difference from Ruby’s (Jasmine being outgoing and so into casual dating), you can see a very honest friendship being shared by these two remarkable women.

This book deals with love and loss and the ways in which we have to move forward and look to the future.
I would really love to share with you those seven secrets to happiness, but I think reading it and being able to relate to the story is the only way for you to appreciate what they are really all about. :)

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