Monday, November 7, 2011

Babylon Nights By Daniel Depp

Introduction: It took me forever to finish this book because I was a little tied up with life lately. I kinda feel guilty going home and looking at this untouched book... but I was just basically very tired to pick it up, more so flip the pages. Until yesterday, by the pool side... I managed to finish it at last! :)

Overview: Anna Mayhew, an almost "has been" in Hollywood, is planning her suicide. Vincent Perec, a razor wielding fan, is planning her murder. Then along comes private investigator David Spandau to put a hitch in both their plans.

Babylon Nights is Daniel Depp's follow up to 2009's Loser's Town, which introduced readers to the cut-throat, seedy underbelly of the film industry through the eyes of former rodeo rider turned movie stuntman turned private investigator, David Spandau. With Babylon Nights, Depp has written a tight and well told story using his background in the film industry to craft a true noir crime novel.

My Opinion: Depp has somehow transported me into the fascinating worlds of a fading Hollywood star, a psychotic fan, an ex-stuntman now problematic private detective and a black pimp. I witnessed and understood the passion of Anna who prefers dying than being tagged as a "has-been"; I became interested in the life of David, who would drink to drown his heartache; The crazy stalker who threatens Anna's life, and the very amusing pimp named Special.

This book is filled with surprises... a good read for me, if I must say. I liked how the love story between Anna and David developed. I even liked the ill-fated romance (or was it?) between Amalie and Vincent. Even though Vincent is the antagonist here, the author managed to make me sympathize with him... he gave him a heart through Amalie. Even Special, who surprised us in the end, is a very intriguing character indeed. 

I know there are a lot of little questionable twists in the story, like how Anna all of a sudden changed her mind about killing herself when she paid a significant amount of money for the vial that would do the trick. For me, the reason was just not established well - if David's presence or Vincent's threat... I guess only Anna knew. But anyway, overall, this book is fun and entertaining.

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