Monday, October 3, 2011

Snow Hill by Mark Sanderson

Introduction: I'm not going to make my words play nice here: This book is definitely not for me. I was intrigued when I read the overview, and indeed it sounded promising (atleast to me.) But I was greatly disappointed in the end.

Overview: "Friday, 18 December, 1936. I went to my funeral this morning!" So begins the diary of Johnny Steadman, an ambitious reporter on London's Fleet Street. When he gets a tip-off about a Snow Hill policeman's death he thinks he's found the scoop that will make his career. Trouble is, no-one at the station seems to know anything about it - or they're not telling. Johnny's one lead takes him to the meat market at Smithfield where he encounters violent death close up and personal. Undaunted by this chilling message, his investigation drags him deep into a web of corruption that reaches further than he could ever have imagined. Johnny must risk everything to save his closest friend and expose the ruthless killer at the heart of this dark story. But to bring them to justice he must first go undercover. Six feet undercover. After all, a dead man cannot be tried for murder.

My Opinion: Well, I dont like the characters... most of them are stupid enough to put themselves in danger. And not just once! When I read the overview, I was like... wow! Masquerading your own death to catch the killer seemed exciting. But come on! The chapter after the funeral... came the exposition of this "so-called" undercover stunt. Already?! And faking it again? you gotta be kidding me!
I know its based on what seemed to be a true story, so maybe the characters and the plot is not hyped-up. But then again... if you dont, how will it be "larger than life" enough to catch the readers' interest? Definitely "young ambitious reporter" stereotyping and "heart of gold homosexual" character cliche didn't work so well on me. Well, I'm just not recommending this... I'm not saying its that bad. I know our tastes vary so please dont be put off by this review.

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